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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving Basics

Moving is one of those things that everyone dreads. The hassle, the time investment, the hard work, the process of packing and unpacking, settling in, and more all combine to create an experience that most people would rather not deal with. And with long distance moving, the stresses are only compounded. Moving companies can certainly help with the moving process and unless you have many friends or a strong constitution, may be the only way to successfully complete the process. But before you even begin to shop around for the help of a moving company, understanding the basics is important.

The first thing you'll need to understand is the cost. Most moving companies charge you according to two basic factors – weight and distance. This may vary from company to company but is the usual method for factoring moving costs. Once you start to get quotes from long distance moving companies, take note of what they offer beyond the basic service. You need to find a company that is fully insured and that may even offer additional insurance for a small fee. Also check credentials and ensure that the moving company you're thinking of using is licensed by the Federal Highway Administration so that you know they're a respectable business.
If the company you're considering using doesn't utilize an inventory system, steer clear of them. There needs to be a method in place that ensures all of your items are accounted for and inventorying each item as it is loaded and unloaded is the best way to do this. You should also consider using moving labels to make the unpacking process a breeze. And since it may take some time for you to settle in during long distance moving, check to see if the company offers in transit storage to help relieve the stress of unpacking immediately from your shoulders.

Before you begin your move, ensure that the truck the company will be using can access the street you'll be living on and that they can do so when they arrive, otherwise you may risk paying additional fees while the moving company awaits the time of day when they can offload your belongings. Long distance moving will never be a fun task, but using a great moving company that has your best interests at heart will help to ensure that it is at the very least as painless as it possibly can be.

In addition to outstanding unlimited service within the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Noah's Ark moves anywhere and everywhere      throughout the continental United States.
While Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and other major cities are frequently     requested destinations, Noah's Ark does, in fact receive an increasing number of inquiries for moves to the Sunbelt.
People happily relocating to Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and     California are additionally pleased when they select us to book their move.
• We pack, wrap, secure and load all possessions with the highest degree
  of care and efficiency.
• We inventory every item before it is loaded onto our trucks. This is for the
  protection of you, the customer, and it ensures that you are conversant
  with the exact number of items that should come off of the truck.
• If in-transit storage is required (while you are searching for your ultimate
  residence, or for any other reason), we so provide it at no charge.
• We are licensed by the Federal Highway Administration.
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