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Moving with an Autistic Child

movingwithkids (1)


Preparing for a move can be challenging. Whether you’re preparing for a short move across town, or a huge trek across the country, the process can feel hectic and tiring. Between dealing with the details and arranging the plans for the transition, it’s also important to focus on your autistic child. 

According to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, one in every 68 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder. Parents of autistic children understand that change can be even harder for their children and it’s vital that they know how to handle the atmosphere around them. Here are some tips to make moving day easier for the whole family. 

1. Prepare well in advance

Before telling your child about the move, get as many details in order as you can for the family. Take plenty of time to look for homes or apartments so you’re as stress-free as possible.


2. Present the move in a positive light

When it’s time to tell your autistic child about the move, maintain the conversation in a positive light. If they ask why, talk about how one parent will be closer to a job and will get to spend more time with them now. 


3. Talk about what it will involve

If your autistic child is curious to know what will happen during the move, give them a time frame. Get a calendar and show the number of days between now and the moving day. Consider giving them a short list of tasks to focus on before the move.


4. Take it step by step

Chances are, your autistic child will take some adjusting to a new place. Before moving day, take him or her to see the home. Simply ride or walk by the home to view it from the outside. Before moving day, go in for a short visit just to walk through it together. 


5. Take some pictures

Take a few pictures of the empty apartment or house. Show them to your child and talk about what the new living room, kitchen and bathroom will be like. Discuss what you’ll do with a bigger backyard or what it will be like being closer to the park. 


6. Help them pack

Packing up can be stressful for everyone in the family. Make sure you set aside enough time to help them pack their belongings so they can keep their stress level to a minimum during the moving process. If your child becomes tired or upset with packing, give them plenty of breaks to do something else.


7. Keep the consistency

Keep your child’s schedule as consistent as possible during the moving week. If they become stressed, let them know that all of their things will still be there, but in a different home. When you open their boxes, set up the new bedroom the same way their old bedroom was arranged before. 

Children with autism can feel upset when big changes occur in their lives. However, with the right amount of preparation and patience, it doesn’t have to be disruptive.


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How to Throw a House Party After Moving


Although there are many important events that will transpire in an individual’s life, relocating is particularly significant. During this season, you’ll be able to make new friends as you settle into a new life. If you’re interested in ensuring that you cultivate deep and meaningful personal relationships after relocating, throwing a house party can help you accomplish your objective. If you’re looking for strategies to help you throw a successful house party, the tips listed below can be of great use to you:

1. Plan.

The planning process is one of the most important elements of preparing for your house party. There are several things you should take into consideration, including when, where, and for how long the party will take place. Once you’ve taken care of these general issues, you can begin planning the details of your party, such as the color of the icing on the cookies and cupcakes you’ll serve. By planning your party in a methodical, organized fashion, you can avoid a plethora of different disasters and preclude your guests from being disappointed. 


2. Establish Goals.

Generally, people do not throw house parties for no reason. Whether your purpose is to make new friends in your local area or acquire housewarming gifts, establishing a goal is the way to ensure that you accomplish your objective in throwing the house party. To ensure that your goal is effective, make sure that it is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Specific. An example of a SMART goal would be to ensure that you have a minimum of 50 guests by continually advertising your housewarming party to people in the local area via Twitter campaigns. The purpose of this goal might be to ensure that you meet a plethora of different people in the local area to help build your new small business. 


3. Get Your Guests Involved. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your house party is successful would be to get your guests involved. There are a plethora of ways you can ensure that you accomplish this objective, and one of them includes making your party a potluck. This helps get your guests involved by ensuring that they are bringing a dish or beverage to the party. Additionally, they will likely get even more involved in the party upon wanting feedback from other guests regarding the quality of the dish or drinks they brought. 


4. End It All On A High Note. 

To ensure that the house party you throw after moving is great, be sure to end it on a high note. This ensures that the impression you leave with your guests is positive, meaning that the likelihood of getting together again and having a great time will be high. There are a variety of ways you can ensure that your house party ends on a high note, and one of them includes offering your guests individualized gift bags. 



If you plan to move soon or have already done so, you should know that throwing a house party can be a great way to meet new people and become more comfortable with your new living space. By implementing some or all of the strategies outlined above, you can help ensure that your house party is absolutely amazing. Good luck!


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8 Tips for Packing the Kitchen

unpacking the kitchen

The kitchen is a difficult place to pack. Foodstuffs, silverware, plates, bowls, mixers, spices and loose items are hard to keep safe, stow efficiently and track after the move. A lot of times so many of these motley things are tossed into one box, and when you need them most, your dig for them is almost interminable. We’ve moved a few kitchens in the past. We have some simple organization tips for you to implement on your move to make the kitchen the least of your worries.




When you approach your kitchen start by making three categorical spaces. In the first space, rid your kitchen of items you can throw away. In the second space, put items which you can donate or want to sell. In the third space place recyclable items. Doing this will cut down on the loose belongings and give your other boxes a stronger storage identity. That way you’ll know exactly what is in each box and where it is.


Night Box

Now, before you pack your kitchen, pack an overnight box. If for some reason you’re not able to unpack all your belongings, you can still drink from a cup, eat off a plate and cut into your steak. Pack enough for each member of the household; don’t pack more than that since you’ll not likely be entertaining until you’re all settled in. Lastly, mark the box and set it aside.


For the entire kitchen. Materials needed:


Pack this first, not second.

While you’re just starting out, tackle the loose items. If you still have a messy drawer, or five… tackle those. Fill each box, trying to organize the items or adding them along the way to the donate or sell piles. After these drawers, begin packing things of similar size or lesser use. Your mind will be used to sorting these smaller items and you will pack the boxes more efficiently.


The good stuff

When you pack wine glasses, vases, crystal and silver, spend your full attention making certain that the boxes have been used with ample bubble wrap and news wrap. We know you’ll pack these items securely but remember that the materials which protect them, in this instance, are just as valuable as the materials themselves.


Pack the dishes and glassware

If you’ve gone out and purchased cell packing materials use them to pack the glassware and then followup with the dishes.


Pots, pans, pantry

Try to set aside a pot and pan for your overnight box, but now is the time to pack the pots and pans. Afterwards, pack your pantry. Throw out anything you don’t need. Recycle if you can.



With the remaining boxes, pack your appliances. You should have materials left to compensate for the fragility and space of each item. You should also have extra materials for other household belongings if you need wrap, etc. When these appliances are packed, you should be on your way to having an easy kitchen-packing experience. Let us know how it went!


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How to Organize Your Home Can Improve Your Lifestyle

 are you disorganized

Being disorganized can impede your world from spinning properly. Sometimes it’s very clear that you’re disorganized, other times it’s not. During the times when it is not obvious to spot disorganization, it can affect you very negatively—without you even realizing so. In our line of work organization is a must; we’re not going to call ourselves complete experts, but we have some advice to offer here.



Think of organization like the cycle of a junk drawer. The drawer has a set amount of space. If you fill the drawer too high it will not fit clearance. If the rails are blocked, it will not open and shut. But, say you can shut the drawer. When you come to needing something inside of it, can you find it? Does the drawer have a function that enables or disables your efforts? Now take this thought to the rooms in your house. Let’s say the master bedroom. If you see articles of clothing thrown about, take note. Again, take note to the beauty products in the vanity fallen over like drunken solders and spilling into the sink. You’re going to change this.


Try this Checklist:

Without feeling stressed about your home, can you

  1. Have guests over for dinner?
  2. Invite people to stay for the weekend?
  3. Just enter your home?
  4. Entertain in the living room or family room?
  5. Cook in the kitchen?
  6. Get into the garage?



What you may not realize is the added stress this disorganization puts on you. Sometimes just stepping over a shirt or towel can irritate you later. Psychologically we like to control the things we can control. Your belongings in this instance are acting on their own. If you feel stressed, chances are your disorganization is hurting your psyche. 


What you can do

We lead busy lives. If you’ve been very, very busy you’ll be able to see it within your home. Your desk will be cluttered; your kitchen sink brimmed with plates. It’s all reflective. To organize yourself best, while preserving your energy, create sections. Patchwork, we can call it. One day do the kitchen, the next the desk, the next the bedroom. When you organize everything you’ll need to keep it that way to not enter this predicament in the future. Read bellow on how to do that.


Professionals Organizers

Professional organizers have directed areas. Some may be especially good at organizing the messes made in the kitchen or a pell-mell children’s bedroom. While others may be exceptional at cleaning and reorganizing your office so that it becomes a substantially better work environment. If there is a particular space in your home that consistently needs help, you may want to call on someone who has an eye for reorganizing that specified area in your home.

Be sure to check for the following, however, before hiring someone.

  • Trained/certified/approved
  • Check policies
  • Estimated time per-project
  • Additional fees


Simple ways to keep you organized

  • Planners
  • Calendars
  • Alarms
  • Storage
  • Declutter
  • Sell, donate, unused belongings
  • Set simple chores and goals


Once you’ve realized that you are disorganized, you can change things around. If you never realize but people tell you, the case might be extreme. Listen to your friends and family. Ask them for help if you need to. The most important thing to do after you become organized is to stay organized. So, set time aside to make a new structure of things and keep you on the right path. Your life will improve greatly because of it. 


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Green Technology for your Home

green tech

As a homeowner you need to do your part to maintain your house but more importantly, the environment. This can go for those who live in huge cities such as New York but it is ideal for the people who live in smaller towns or even the country side. Whether you trim and maintain your lawn, or generally ensure the good appearance of your home, you have something at stake in the community. And although waving to your neighbors is important, have you kept up your relationship with the environment? If you’ve needed to check in with Mother Nature, we have a few new technologies and an idea that could get you up to speed. 


Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater pays for itself within four to eight years, according to EESI. The initial cost isn’t that expensive for what you get. Considering that the heater could potentially have a lifespan of 15-40 years, that’s a lot of free hot water you’re giving up. A solar water heater will cut your CO2 levels.


Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are great for saving water to use for plants, gardens and other purposes. They are also fairly easy to use and can be installed to catch water from your drains. If you do this, make certain that you test the water. Materials from your roof may be toxic to drink and for the plants. Play it on the safe side and purchase a digital water tester to be sure.


Dual Flushing Toilet!

The toilet is a huge water wasting machine. You waste into it and it wastes itself. Sometimes, if you’re not careful, waste goes everywhere. Waste, waste, waste. In any case, these dual flush toilets can save you gallons of water and in effect money as well as lessen your water use on the environment. The U.S. Department of Energy states that we use 30 percent of our water use making the flush. You can cut that number with an easy purchase of a new toilet.


Smart Thermostat

You can purchase a smart thermostat from $75-$280. In the end, it will drop the temperatures for you and may save you from yourself in the wintry months. Smart thermostats are able to drop the temperature when you’re at work and while you’re in bed.


Light-emitting diode (LED)

LED lights use 75 to 80 percent less energy than non-LED lights. They are available everywhere. Swap them out. Save a buck.


Keep up with GE

Recently General Electric decided to spend $10 Billion researching for their ecomagination campaign. That means that new green products, solar converters and goods will soon be coming your way. For our next list of Green technologies, check back soon.  

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How to: Make Unpacking into your New Home Stress-Free!

unpacking stress free

When the moving truck pulls away it’s a great feeling. Yes, yes it is. It’s especially lovely if you properly packed, labeled and shifted your boxes to the rooms the materials inside will eventually be placed. But, plenty of people don’t unpack with the same verve. This, however, can lead to a lot of stress. Your move will be much more satisfying if you’ve actually completed it. That includes finishing ALL the unpacking! It’s definitely a hearty task, but by not doing it or putting it aside you’ll be worse off.


Where do I start?

Do you remember packing the kitchen? Of course you do. You’d rather have been a banana slug in a tub of salt. Well, here’s round two. But, know when it’s over, the worst is over: Unpack the kitchen first. It’s going to be the most disagreeable, but most important. If you’re the type of person who likes to take breaks, or set aside unpacking for consecutive days, at least you will have some food for the belly during the process. In the meantime you won’t be ordering food in or going out all the time. So you’ll save big.


Time is energy

…and you’re going to need rest after putting away the kitchen goods. Unpacking your bedroom is a necessity. It enables you to sleep. Yeah, that’s important. If you have children or help, they can make progress towards certain areas while you do this part. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re not rolling out yoga mats to sleep on at the end of the day. So, set up those bedrooms, especially if you require consecutive days to unpack. You don’t want anyone sleeping on the wrong side of the floor.


Moving Forward

Now that you’ve unpacked the bedrooms and the kitchen, you can work on the other spaces. We congratulate you if you have so few items or the energy of a mongoose and can one-swoop the ordeal. If you’re not that mongoose type, take on the next rooms one at a time. It’ll be very hectic if you start unpacking the living room and the bedroom at the same time! You’ll wonder why you have the pouf in your master bathroom and your shampoo hidden in the couch cushions. After the bedrooms, proceed to the bathroom, office space and finally the family room and living room.



Organizing the unpacking process isn’t too difficult but executing it is time consuming and strenuous. But, it’s not as difficult if you‘re preparing in advanced. Properly organizing the materials in your boxes, labeling where they go and moving quickly from the kitchen to the bedrooms and finally to the rest of the house will expedite the entire process. We can’t stress how important it is for you to actually finish unpacking.



Having an overnight box, emergency box, or camping box is very helpful. Before you pack the house make one of these boxes. Call it what you will. But, it should contain a pot, a pan, toothbrush, other bathroom accouterments, clothes, towels and the rest. It’ll hold you over for a few nights until you’re settled into your new home!

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Six Natural Wonders in the United States

six natural wonders in the united states

The U.S. has some incredible natural phenomenon’s. As movers our paths have crossed a few of these mentally impenetrable sights. As lovers of our beautiful country we made a list of some of the ones we’ve seen that you should check out, especially when the temperatures rise and you’re looking to venture out for vacation and get away from it all. The beauty of the nature instead of constant pollution and skyscrapers will be revitalizing! 


Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser is colorfully absurd. The story goes that in 1964 geothermal diggers were trying to well for water. They found it, but soon minerals began to release and create a travertine mound of brilliantine reds, yellows and greens. This phantasm it made of minerals and thermophilic algae. If you’re venturing into Nevada, check out Fly Geyser.


Thors Well

Thors well in Cape Perpetua is wild. Truly, it’s very dangerous. It’s essentially a salt water fountain that explodes when fighting waters take a breath of fresh air. In that area there are a number of other interesting sites to explore. But, the Oregon coastline is stunning and is worth a gander anyway if you get the chance to take a drive out that way.


The Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine is absurd. It’s 40-acres of glacial silt. Glacial silt is pretty much sand, but very, very fine gained. Supposedly in 1797 the Tuttle family purchased and began farming on the land. When they failed to turn their potato crops, and their overgrazing of sheep swallowed every living tuft, soil erosion began to take place. Surrounded by pine trees, the Desert of Maine was born. See, Freeport has more than just L.L. Bean. We love you L.L. Bean.


Marfa Lights

In Marfa, Texas, we have the Marfa Lights. Makes sense. Well, not entirely. For years onlookers have thought that they were living in the Independence Day film or seeing ghosts traverse the sky. Some just think its the reflection of headlights from the highway. Find your own opinion when your in that sprawling state. They have a Marfa Lights festival, if you go shoot for that event.


Quechee State Park

The Quechee Gorge is a stunner. The Ottauquechee River is deep and beautiful from the glacial activity of approximately 13,000 years ago. There is a ton of history at the Quechee State Park. Plenty of camping, hiking, fishing and American mill records that would surprise even the current Boston Red Sox… Vermont.


Olney, Illinois

But why? Albino squirrels of course. Yes, There is something to do in Olney. Evidently the city of Olney finds these squirrels precious. They build them little houses, name them and snap photographs of them to hang with their family photos. 

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Experience Connecticut’s Wildlife Attractions

explore connecticut


Connecticut is one the 13 original colonies and the southernmost state of the northeastern states. It was first settled by the Dutch and is to this day considered a prime maritime state, connected by the Thames River and the various ports of Long Island Sound. Over three million people reside in the state. Some of which work outside of it, commuting to New York City or other New England areas, but all eventually come back home and enjoy the lifestyle and amenities of the state. So, if you’re moving to Connecticut, or just getting out for the President’s Day weekend, we gathered a few top attractions for you to experience if you end up in the Constitution State.



Ice Fishing

For some people, getting out of town to stare into an icy hole isn’t the most appealing getaway. But, for others, this can be a valuable once and a lifetime opportunity. Connecticut represents a few pretty decent ice fishing spots on the east coast. Keep in mind that ice fishing is about the process; it is like a meditative act, and it’s long wound in Native American tradition; it’s a great practice if done traditionally. Way back when, Native Americans speared fish and game through holes in the ice, today anglers have technologies and huts to make the experience more safe and hospitable. Either way you fish, you may have more fun than you thought just waiting around a hole, shooting the breeze and having some hot rum while the fish bite.


Here are a few places to think of making your fishing hole:


Connecticut Science Center

The Connecticut Science Center in Downtown Hartford will take you out of the cold. People like to use their hands. Some greatly learn from this experience and it sure can improve an experience as well. The science center forwards 150 hands-on exhibits, wonderful education labs and state-of-the-art 3D theaters. The center also has floating exhibits which cater to persons looking for something new during the course of the year. This is the kind of place that may take a few days to fully experience. On a slow afternoon stop by and pull in some of the learning experience.


Power Ridge Mountain Park & Resort

Ski or snowboard? Power Ridge is in Middlefield, Connecticut and is a pretty good place to hit the slopes. The amenities of the resort are wonderful as well. The resort offers half-day and full day rooms to stay in if you’re not up to the powder in seasonal joy. But, you can also cozy up next to a fire at the Ridge Restaurant, have a drink at the tavern and shop around the resorts many little stores. Or, just relax.


Mystic Aquarium & Institution For Exploration

If the Connecticut Science Center didn’t steal your heart, the Mystic Aquarium & Institution For Exploration will. The aquarium has some lovely exhibits and happy sea creatures swimming around. It’s a great place to take the kids, or fulfill your penguin loving gawk.


Gillette Castle State Park

East Haddam holds a beautiful castle. It’s a gem, we are not kidding. It was the home of actor William Gillette, who played Sherlock Holmes back in the day. It was built in 1914 and sits on 184 roaming acres. As far as Connecticut timepieces go, the Gillette Castle is very unique. Mr. Gillette adorned the grounds with peculiar doorknobs, and windows which allow the master bedroom to surveillance the home. It’s worth a visit if you want to see something new and bizarre.



Connecticut has a lot to offer the resident or visitor. There is a lot to keep your mind body and soul occupied in this old and very beautiful state. So, enjoy your time here and get to know one of the oldest colonies in the United States!


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10 Reasons to Move Out of the City

Country House

These days a lot of people are exiting the hubbub and pollutants of cities and moving a long distance to the mountains or countryside. Whether you favor Henry David Toreau or Heather Dona-who? There are valid reasons to move away from these concrete jungles. Especially, if you can find a way to sustain yourself. Take a look these reasons bellow.


1. Water sourcing

This year California is having one of the worst droughts it has seen in a while. Water sustains lives; busy cities have a lot of lives to sustain. California has a lot of cities. Moving out of the big cities and to a more sustainable water sourced area promotes your future and well-being.


2. Pollution

Cities are the most polluted places on earth. Nobody will question that. If you can job transfer, don’t you want to blow the street exhaust out of your nose and breathe some fresh mountain air for a few years?


3. Cancer

While living in these dirty polluted cities, disease and virus are more frequent amongst people. For instance, BBC estimates a “tidal wave” of cancer to demonstrate its prowess on the world population in coming years. Cities will take the brunt of this onslaught.


4. Environment

Central park isn’t a forest. When’s the last time you bathed in a lake, went for a hike, or saw snow that doesn’t turn black by vehicular exhaust? A good environment is a real luxury.


5. Farming

People want to grow their own vegetables in cities, but they forget that the pollution just soaks into the produce. The amount of pollution varies on fruits and vegetables, yes, but most people can’t even farm a weed if they wanted to. Since this is the case, your city operates as a big convenience store. Essentially you’re subject to what they fill it with. That makes the city dweller a very trustworthy or ignorant inhabitant.


6. Violence

Violence can occur everywhere, but in cities it’s much more present. Plain and simple it’s safer not to live in cities. You may not get to visit Greenwich Village and your favorite bookstore, but making an occasional trip into town won’t kill you any sooner than the possibility of living there.


7. Affordable

If you can find work to do, the living and real estate costs are significantly lower outside cities.


8. Pets

If you wanted to own a pet for the past decade but you couldn’t let it run, now is your chance. Dogs and cats also have better survival rates outside cities.


9. Hype

Small towns or countryside villages develop a type of community-centric hype. These events bring people together for a variety of reasons. This allows people to meet and know their neighbors and develop a sense of community that extends beyond the apartment building.


10. Raising Children

Children are safer, focused and play outside more in cities. Because of that, you’ll also reap those benefits as a parent. When was the last time you saw a father and son playing catch with a baseball in the city? 

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What To Do With A Room After Your Kids Move Out

empty room 

What to do their empty room?

You’re baby boy got the boot. Or, just went to university. Whatever the situation, when your child leaves the home, that needed real estate becomes something new again. It starts as an empty space which needs to be used. The question remains, what will you use it for? Too often people will call the room an office, but find a way to lie to their intentions by stockpiling lose items from around the house in that space. Before you know it, that room has taken on the personality of a dirty bib. Don’t dirty bib that open space. Instead turn it into something useful. Make the space functional and follow through with its intended purpose.


Think creatively

There are lots of people who will tell you to ask yourself this question: What can you put in that room that will both improve you and the home ownership function? We think this question is outlandishly boring. Although you may want to use the spare room for a mini-gym, an office space or a guest room, think outside the norm… Make a list of your favorite things and cast away your traditional ideas for a while. Here are a few suggestions we have in mind for your new room:

  • A shrine room for bacon
  • An impressive taxidermy collection
  • A costume room
  • A 1930s style speakeasy corner room
  • A painting studio  
  • A library of books with a life-size wax Dumbo sculpture in the middle of the room

None of these may have rung your bell, but it might give you insight to the possibilities. People who have an empty room tend to never re-purpose the room in a way that benefits or excites the home in anyway. If you can walk into one room and feel like you’re in Paris and the next like you’re in a the MOMA, that’s an interesting endeavor that you and visitors will feel made the room effective or useful in some way. Guest rooms are perfectly fine. Likely your child will come back one day for a visit and need to rest their head. There are pieces of furniture that can compromise with space and theme. That should be the least of your worries. 

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