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Holiday Events in NYC and Connecticut

rockefeller-tree Noah's Ark blog 

New York City and Connecticut are attached at the hip when it comes to exploring creative and memorable events to enliven the holiday season. These winter wonderlands begin with the historic Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and end with Drunken Shakespeare.




1. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Inflation

Wed Nov 26


Enter at W 79th St at Columbus Ave.

This Classic event will not disappoint. Bring the kids and have a wonderful time.

2. Post-Thanksgiving Multiethnic Eating Tour

Fri Nov 28


$23, seniors and students $20

Delancey and Essex St

New York

Adventurous eaters are welcome to attend this great event.  


3. George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

Fri Nov 28— Jan 3, 2015

20 Lincoln Center Plaza
Upper West Side
New York

The classic nutcracker show is a must on any holiday to-do list.


4. Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square

Dante Park

W 63rd St
Upper West Side
New York

A nice stroll at Winter’s Eve is sure to cause a stir in your holiday mood.


5. Rockefeller Center Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Wed Dec 3

Rockefeller Plaza
Midtown West
New York

This illuminated tree is always so stunning. If you’re nearby don’t fail to see it while it’s evening and more romantic than ever.


6. Union Square Holiday Market

Thur Nov 20th—Nov 30th

14th St to 17th St
Gramercy & Flatiron
New York

Looking for a holiday gift or two, or three, or something like homemade cider? Check it out.

7. Holiday Market at Grand Central

Thur Nov 20th—Nov 30th

42nd St. Grand Central Terminal

New York

Grand Central Terminal gets in the mood every season. Take a warm me up cocktail at the Campbell Apartment while you’re at it.


8. Bryant Park Winter Market

Dec 1st—31st

42nd St. Bryant Park

New York

Ice skating anyone? It’s free unless you need to rent skates. Perfectly resurfaced ice and always a wonderful time.


9. Tuba concert  

Dec 14th (3:30 pm)

The Rockefeller Center (Rink)

New York

That tuba, oh that sweet holiday tub plays the warm sounds you need in the wintry mix you call the holidays.


10. Dr. Seuss Musical

Dec 5th—28th

Theater at Madison Square Garden

New York

What is more “Christmas” than Dr. Seuss? Nothing. Go.


11. Drunken Shakespeare  

Dec-Jan 2015

The Lounge

Roy Arias Stages

300 West 43rd St at 8th Ave, 4th Floor

New York

Need to feel like you’ve gotten away from reality? This will not disappoint.


1. Wethersfield Antiques Show

Nov 21, 2014 – Nov 22, 2014

Pitkin Community Center, 30 Greenfield Street

Wethersfield, CT

Beautiful holiday antique show for the whole family!


2. Celebration of American Crafts

Nov 1, 2014 – Dec 24, 2014

Creative Arts Workshop, 80 Audubon Street,

New Haven New Haven, CT

American crafts are great gifts for the holidays!


3.Holiday Craft Fair at Roaring Brook

Nov 23, 2014 – Nov 23, 2014

Roaring Brook Nature Center, 70 Gracey Road

Canton, CT

Make someone you love a gift for the holidays!


4. Mount Southington Winter Carnival

February 25, 2012

Mount Southington Ski Area

396 Mount Vernon Road

Plantsville, CT

One of Connecticut’s most beloved winter carnivals.

5. Essex Winter Festival and Eagle Watch

Feb and Mar

Connecticut River

67 Main Street

Essex, CT

Festivals would be so one-dimensional without Eagle watching. Right?


6. Brunch with Santa! (Excellent food)

Dec 7th—21st

3 Lyman Rd.

Middlefield, CT

Take the little ones to have brunch with Santa. Bring the cookies, he’ll bring the feast.


7. Johnny Peers & The Muttville Comix

Nov 23, 2014 – Nov 23, 2014

The Ridgefield Playhouse, 80 East Ridge

Ridgefield, CT

Wonderful show. Go see!

8. John Hodgman: I Stole Your Dad

Nov 22, 2014 – Nov 22, 2014

Belding Theater at The Bushnell, 166 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT

Hilarious comedian. Don’t miss him these holidays. He’ll brighten your mood.


9. ”The Seagull”

Dec 12, 2014 – Dec 18, 2014

Iseman Theatre, 1156 Chapel Street

New Haven New Haven, CT

Chekov fans will love this performance. Touching.


10. Patti LaBelle in Concert

Nov 21, 2014 – Nov 21, 2014

Fox Theater at Foxwoods, 350 Trolley Line Blvd

Mashantucket, CT

What a girl to see in concert. A holiday treat.

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5 Signs of Fraud Movers


scam movers

We have heard horror stories of people choosing the wrong moving company in the NYC and Connecticut area. Finding the right movers helps make any move much easier. We have put together a lists of things to note for fraudulent movers when searching online.

Red Flags

Unfortunately, when people are moving, they may encounter movers who are more interested in taking someone’s money rather than moving their items. Luckily, there are fairly easy ways to tell that someone is engaged in potential fraud.

Certain Basic Characteristics

Fraudulent movers will often attempt to provide clients with help that is not legally binding. For example, they may provide a low estimate that they know is low and then attempt to charge the client when the estimate proves to be too low. This is not legal.

Fraudulent Documentation

Another trick they use to defraud people is to provide their clients with blank documents or documents that are only half filled in. If you are considering a move, the best way to make sure you do not get defrauded is to never sign anything that isn’t complete. Always check all pages of any documents that a mover asks someone to sign. There should be no blank pages or any large spaces where extra words can be filled in later. The client should also have copies of all documents they need.

The Right Equipment

The person who is moving one’s items should also have a clearly marked truck. All people who are moving goods should also be identified as working for the moving company. Do not let someone into a home unless that person has been clearly identified. Many movers provide their workers with uniforms.

Clear Identification

Movers should always provide clients with a specific name, address and a phone number. A mover who does not provide the answers to these questions may be engaged in fraud. Even if the mover is operating out of their home, the address and phone number should be provided to all potential clients. A mover must be able to provide clients with evidence of being in compliance with all necessary licensing and insurance requirements. Such licensing can vary by state but in general most companies are required to show evidence of insurance and a basic moving license. A mover who cannot provide such evidence may be engaged in fraud.

Other Tips

A mover may be fraudulent if they offer an estimate without an onsite inspection of the goods being moved. Beware of an estimate that is too low. The mover should also not ask for cash before the move. A small deposit request is all that should be demanded from any client. The mover should also provide clients with a booklet that has been written by federal government officials outlining the consumer’s rights. This is required by law for those who are planning a move from one state to another.

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15 Things Your Movers Won’t Tell You

Noah's Ark Moving Tips

For homeowners who are planning a move, being prepared makes all the difference in the world. The following is a list of 15 points that moving companies will rarely share with customers.

1. Stay At Home

Don’t think that once you greet the movers, you’ll be able to skip out and go shopping. You’ll need to supervise the move and make certain there are no snags along the way.

2. Movers Are Busy

Never assume that your moving company will respond at the drop of a hat. Schedule your move at least 3-4 weeks out, in order to ensure that their services are available.

3. Consider Special Items

Movers don’t care for surprises, and packing valuable or oversized items is one of them. Let your movers know about any special items before they arrive on moving day.

4. Pack Carefully

Don’t make boxes cumbersome or too heavy for movers. They won’t stop to repack your boxes, and won’t guarantee the safety of items that are poorly packed by homeowners.

5. Self-Insure

Movers will sell insurance that may not be adequate. Homeowners are wise to purchase a rider through their own homeowner’s insurance carrier.

6. Beware Of Scammers

Never pay for a relocation up front. When movers expect payment in advance, it’s a sure sign that there’s trouble ahead. Always check references thoroughly before committing to a moving company.

7. Get It In Writing

Movers may surprise you with hidden fees and unexpected costs. Get your estimate in writing and request a bid that will not exceed the actual price.

8. Avoid The Lowest Quotes

While movers will promise the lowest prices, it’s generally a way to get you in the door and then saddle you with extra fees. When you decide to choose a low quote, know exactly what you’re paying for.

9. Inexperienced Labor

Movers might promote their professional crews, but that’s not always what the homeowner will get. Temporary workers might mean trouble during your move. Keep an eye on how they handle your valuables and fragile items.

10. Moving Materials

Your estimate may not include packing materials, and movers will generally charge a premium for supplies. Investing in your own boxes is often a wise choice.

11. Be Ready On Moving Day

Don’t make your movers sit around and wait, because it might cost you. Make certain your movers have a place to park and have easy access to your home or apartment.

12. Tip Money

Movers expect to be tipped for a job well done. Ask your moving company what their tipping policy is before moving day.

13. Inspect And Report

Immediately after unload, begin inspecting your property. Any damage should be reported right away, as delayed reporting will generally lead to difficult claims.

14. Understand Your Estimate

Don’t wait until moving day to understand how you’ll be charged. Once the trucks are loaded, your movers have the upper hand.

15. Don’t Expect The Moon

Movers are not superheroes. There will be problems along the way, and keeping a cool head will help to keep your move stress free.

Keeping these 15 points in mind will help to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Being prepared is the perfect solution for a hassle-free relocation.

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Fine Art Moving Tips


Many invest thousands of dollars into their collection. Avid collectors may be new to the theory of transporting fine pieces, and may benefit from a few tips offered by professional fine art movers. Here are some tips for successfully moving and transporting fine arts to another location.

Gather and organize art data. 

This is particularly important if you are planning to relocate with substantial amounts of art. When discussing the project with a mover, they will want to know the size, dimensions, weight, material and other parts of information in order to create an accurate quote.

Take photos of your pieces. 

One of the risks with inexperienced and professional movers alike is possible damage to a piece. If in the case something is damaged, the pictures will be helpful if there is a need for a claim to be filed.

Know your homeowner insurance policy in and out. 

Some policies may actually provide coverage while items are in transport. It is incredibly important to determine the level of coverage provided for your fine art prior to a move.


Get an insurance quote.

 Relocating expensive, high-end pieces can be protected with moving insurance. There are actually companies that offer products specifically for those relocating fine art pieces. Once an appraisal is secured, a policy can be purchased. In the event of damage, loss or any other catastrophic accident, the pieces are covered. 


Get familiar with storage requirements.

 Fine art is an investment and can easily be tarnished if stored in the wrong conditions. Some storage environments may be used for staging in preparation of a move. Temperature and humidity monitors in a centralized setting can preserve the quality of the painting. In limiting natural light and utilizing special, filtered lighting, the artwork can retain its original appearance.


Know the different types of appraisals. 

The high-value collection must be appraised prior to being relocated. There are two types of appraisals available for you. The first type is the current value, which provides coverage based on the current value of the piece presented. The replacement value can also be used, but it focuses instead on how much it cost to replace the damaged item. Before completing this task, consult with a qualified, experienced appraised.


Wooden crating is the best option. 

Sculptures, oil paintings and larger pieces should be properly protected during transport. The crating is customized for each individual piece. The piece can be moved several times before actually makes it to the truck, so custom crating is a wonderful option to preserve the quality of the painting.

Consider using a climate control vehicle for transport. 

Just as there are some storage facilities that are climate-controlled with special lighting to protect pieces, there are vehicles with many of the same amenities. Temperature and humidity settings preserve the art as it is safely transported.

Following these fine art tips will streamline your move. Relocating your expensive items requires careful planning and considerable preparation to keep your items safe during the staging, packing and transporting stages of your move. Contact us to learn more about our available solutions.


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Packing Secrets For a Successful Move

packing tips
The more efficiently you pack, the easier your move will be. Packing well takes a certain amount of planning. If you wait until the last minute, your move will feel harried and disorganized. If, on the other hand, you plan everything out strategically, you’ll be much more relaxed. Let’s look at some of the most important tips to keep in mind when it comes to packing for a successful move.

Get Sturdy Boxes and Containers

The first ingredient for a successful move is having enough boxes and ones that are sturdy enough to hold your belongings. Finding out at the last minute that you need more boxes is a stressful but all too typical problem. Another mistake you should avoid is using old boxes that will fall apart when loaded with anything heavy.

For valuable or fragile items, you should purchase new boxes of various sizes. You can buy solid boxes at stores that sell packing materials. When purchasing boxes, don’t forget other essential packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing tape. For less important belongings you can recycle old boxes that you have in the house or that you get from a local store.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes is one of the keys to an organized move. You should put clear labels on both the top and sides of your boxes. You can also mark appropriate boxes “fragile” to remind you or the movers to be careful with them. This practice will save you lots of time when you unpack. It’s also useful if you have to go back and add items to a box. 

If you want to be extremely organized, you can take this a step further and number your boxes. You can then create an inventory list that has the number of each box and its contents. This is useful if you’re planning a big move and you want to keep track of everything.

Protect Delicate Items

It’s never a good feeling to find that a favorite piece of China or a glass frame has broken during a move. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to protect anything fragile. The most efficient way to do this is to use bubble wrap. If you’re careful, you can also use items such as towels, pillows and linens for this purpose. You should also take steps to safeguard furniture, which can easily get scratched or broken during moves. Use protective padding for your best furniture to prevent such mishaps.

Don’t Pack Smaller Valuables

You should always keep things like cash, expensive jewelry, family heirlooms, important documents and other such valuables on your person when moving. Packing them in boxes is too risky, as there’s always the chance that they will be lost or stolen. 

These are some of the tips that can ensure that your move proceeds as smoothly as possible. Above all, plan out your move as far in advance as possible. That way, when moving day arrives, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. 

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Budget your Move in Summer

summer move


Relocating to a new home can be an exciting event, but it can also be stressful. Amidst your plans to transition into a beautiful new home and perhaps to start a new life in an exciting area, you may be concerned about the financial aspects associated with your relocation plans. Professional moving services are a veritable necessity that can make your transition easier and faster to complete. When you are moving in the peak of summer when the weather can be brutally hot, you may need to pay movers to help you out. This may allow you to relax indoors while the movers relocate your items. While moving services can be expensive, you can follow a few tips to reduce this cost. 


Before Moving Day Arrives 

A key factor that affects the total charges on your moving bill relate to how many items you have the moves load and unload for you. Some people have plans to tote all of their items to their new space and to unpack only the items they need. However, when you de-clutter your home before you move, you may significantly reduce the number of boxes and even the furnishings that movers will need to carry into your new home. This can save you a considerable amount of money. One option is to go through al of your drawers, cabinets and closets as you pack your boxes. Rather than place all items in boxes, make the decision about rather to keep or toss the items. 

Do What You Can 

You will also pay your movers based on the other services they provide to you. For example, you may pay movers to take your bed frames apart and to put them together. If you can handle these tasks yourself, you can save a considerable amount of money. As you plan your move, talk to the moving company about the costs for different services to determine which tasks you can complete on your own. 

Plan Your Move Strategically

Some moving companies offer reduced rates during non-peak times. For example, they may increase their rates for weekend moves. If you are able to plan your moving time during the week, you may save a considerable amount of money. Some moving companies also charge reduced rates for moving services earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Many moving companies will ask you for a preferred date and time for the move, but you may consider asking a representative for the company for information about variations in rates before scheduling the move. 

Moving into a home can be stressful and challenging, but it does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Paying for moving services may make your move more convenient and easier to accomplish. For some individuals, it may even be a necessity to pay for professional moving assistance. You can decrease the cost of moving services by following the tips described here. These are great ways to enjoy the benefits of professional assistance on moving day without the high cost. 

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Top 10 Cities to Raise a Family

Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting or want to relocate your family to a place that is safer for your children, you’ll want to know which areas in the U.S. are best for families. There are cities all around the country that provide a number of amenities that are attractive for families and will give you the peace of mind that comes with raising your family in a thriving community. Here are the top 10 cities you may want to consider if you’re thinking about moving. 


1. Burlington, Vermont 

burlington vermont

Even though Burlington is known for its various ski sites, there are a number of other features in the city. However, there are a number of free after-school ski programs for children. There are fun outdoor activities to take advantage all year round, as there are plenty of parks and nature trails. This Vermont city also offers the Farm 2 School program, which provides students with fresh vegetables that are locally grown and part of school lunches. 


2. Portland, Maine 

portland maine

This small city located in the northeastern region of the U.S. is attractive to parents because of its vast outdoor space and clear air. There is low crime in the city, and according to the Parents Magazine website, the commute is often easy for adults. Parents Magazine also ranked Portland #3 on the Best Cities for Education list. 


3. Austin, Texas 

austin texas

Austin is located in the center of Texas. The city boasts plenty of green space and a pleasant climate, so you’ll want to spend time outdoors with your family often. There are a number of music festivals in Austin, and these events are organized with children in mind. The Austin Independent School District is also home to the Active Play Project, which encourages physical activity for children. The school district also announced that an anonymous donation of $1 million will be used to support arts education and hopefully increase academic success. 


4. Grand Rapids, Michigan

grand rapids michigan

According to, Grand Rapids was rated #7 in housing affordability among 100 of the U.S.’s largest metropolitan areas. The cit is also in the top 40% when it comes to education an in the lower 30% in terms of crime. There are also a number of charter schools in Grand Rapids that offer quality education for children of varying ages.


5. Boise, Idaho

Boise idaho

Boise is the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest. There is less crime in the city than Portland, Oregon and Seattle, which is why many families decide to settle in Boise. Forbes Magazine revealed that Boise is #1 when it comes to education in 100 of America’s largest metro areas. Crime received a #5 ranking and the housing affordability ranks at #34. 


6. Cheyenne, Wyoming 


Cheyenne also boasts a low crime rate and quality schools, both of which are essential factors to consider when moving with a family. If you’re a fan of the rodeo, you’ll want to take your family to Frontier Days, a festival that gives children a glimpse of life on the range. There’s a free pancake breakfast, along with a carnival and a rodeo. Just 20 miles from the city, you’ll also find trails for biking and hiking.

7. Minneapolis/St.Paul


This metropolitan area, known as the Twin Cities, is home to healthy air and low-crime streets. There’s also a low unemployment rate in the area. St. Paul is committed to providing more transportation alternatives to cut down on pollution and Minneapolis has promised to double the miles of bike lanes on the street. These strides toward healthy living may be attractive if you’re looking for a cleaner environment for your little ones. 

8. Madison, Wisconsin 


Both crime and unemployment are low in Madison. The air has a low toxin content and there are lots of nature trails and parks so families can spend time outside most of the year. There’s even a farmer’s market in Madison, where you’ll have the option of purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables for your family while listening to a live band or two. 


9. Omaha, Nebraska

omaha nebraska

Omaha is home to the Omaha Zoo, which has the biggest rainforest in the United States. Other kid-friendly activities like the Omaha Summer Arts Festival features dancing music and crafts that children of all ages will enjoy. Omaha is also home to a farmer’s market that features local produce and the the commute is reasonable, no matter what part of the city you live in. 


10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

sioux falls

Finally, this small city in South Dakota has an unemployment rate that is four percent than the national average. Housing is affordable, since Sioux Falls was not part of the subprime mortgage fiasco that most of the country experienced. The American Lung Association gave Sioux Falls an A for its air quality, so you’ll likely want to take your family outside often for sporting events, to ride bikes or simply to enjoy the scenery. 

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Guarding Your Credit During Your Move



Most people think that moving from one home to another, even in the same city, does not pose any risks to their identity or credit. The truth is that moving actually increases the risk of identity theft and credit damage. With a few efforts to prepare properly, you can safeguard your credit.


Important Documents

Keep all of your important documentation with you at all times. An accordion folder can help you keep things organized and within reach. Do not pack these documents. Property deeds, lease agreements, and loan documents should be put in this folder. The folder should also contain any identifying documents such as birth certificates, Social Security cards, and the titles and insurance information for your vehicles. This will help prevent them from getting lost or stolen during the move.


Notify the Post Office

You can fill out forms for a change of address and turn them in at your local post office. The official website of the United States Postal Service also allows you to submit your change of address online for a dollar per person. Be wary, however, of websites that claim to do the same thing but charge a lot more money or a monthly fee. It is important to submit this information as soon as possible because it will take the post office a few days to process the information and begin sending your mail to the new address.


Social Security

One of the many organizations people forget about is the Social Security Administration. You should call them and provide your new address as well. SSA sends out statements regarding your Social Security information. To prevent someone from getting access to your Social Security number, the organization should always have a current address.



Inform your boss or another appropriate person of your change of address. Although most people have their pay direct deposited, your pay stubs should still have the correct address. The address your employer has on file will also be where your tax documents will be mailed. These documents contain information that can easily be used by identity thieves.


Notify Businesses

Call your credit card and loan companies and provide them with the information change. Visit any banks or other financial institutions as well. Again, you must consider the billing cycle and time for processing. If the bill or statement is in printing, it will not be able to be changed until the next printing.


Insurances and Doctors

Health, Renter, and Auto insurance companies will need to be provided with your change of address too. Even if your premiums are automatically drafted from your bank account, you will still get invoices and other correspondence mailed to you. It is the same with doctors. Do not wait until your next visit. Call and report the change or go to the office and do it in person.

Identity thieves do not have any problems stealing mail or other important documents. Taking extra precautions with all your personal information can help you prevent costly damage to your credit and possibly years of fighting with companies. As a simple rule of thumb, if you receive mail from the business you should provide your new address as soon as you know it.

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Settle in Your New Home After Moving

new home moving

Moving is a stressful time for any family, so once you’ve completed the drudgery task of packing up your belongings, give yourself a nice pat on the back. After all your stuff has been moved in, you can finally turn that barren house into a warm, inviting home. Settling in, unlike the big move, doesn’t have to be stressful, and here are some tips that will help you do that without breaking a sweat:


It’s Not a Race

The first thing people do when they try to settle in their home is set a crazy deadline for unpacking their items. Unfortunately, trying to unpack your boxes by a set date will only add unnecessary stress. Start by unpacking the essentials first and then move on to less used items. The kitchen is the most inhabited space in a home; therefore, it makes sense to unpack your mugs, plates and cooking utensils first. After you unpack the essentials, take your time to unwind and relax. 


Work Together as a Team

Moving and settling in a new home is a team effort, so you’ll want to give everyone a specific task. For example, one person can be responsible for unpacking the kitchen while another can work on getting the living room in order. Asking friends or family members to help you will ensure that the work gets done in less time than if you were to do it by yourself.


Homey Touches Lift the Spirit

If the move has you longing for your old house, add some homey touches to make a barren space feel like a home. Just adding a few pictures or even a bright pillow can lift your spirit and give the room a familiar touch, which can help you get used to your new abode. 


Help your Pets Adjust to the Home

Dogs and cats can easily become depressed when they’re moved from their home, so it’s imperative to help your pets adjust to their new surroundings. The first thing you need to do is set up a space that feels familiar to them. For example, scatter a few toys and set up a bed in a designated space. Another thing you can do to help them adjust is by giving them a few minutes of attention each day. 


Take it One Room at a Time

Sure, it would be nice to unpack all your belongings in a few hours, but that’s not likely. Don’t burn yourself out by trying to bite off more than you can chew; instead, unpack one room at a time. Tackle the kitchen, bedroom and the bathrooms first. Then, you can unpack guestrooms and office spaces. 



Like it was mentioned before, moving is stressful. That’s why you need to dedicate a place in the home to relax. Just taking a few minutes every now and then is enough to help you regain your sanity. 

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Moving with an Autistic Child

movingwithkids (1)


Preparing for a move can be challenging. Whether you’re preparing for a short move across town, or a huge trek across the country, the process can feel hectic and tiring. Between dealing with the details and arranging the plans for the transition, it’s also important to focus on your autistic child. 

According to the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, one in every 68 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder. Parents of autistic children understand that change can be even harder for their children and it’s vital that they know how to handle the atmosphere around them. Here are some tips to make moving day easier for the whole family. 

1. Prepare well in advance

Before telling your child about the move, get as many details in order as you can for the family. Take plenty of time to look for homes or apartments so you’re as stress-free as possible.


2. Present the move in a positive light

When it’s time to tell your autistic child about the move, maintain the conversation in a positive light. If they ask why, talk about how one parent will be closer to a job and will get to spend more time with them now. 


3. Talk about what it will involve

If your autistic child is curious to know what will happen during the move, give them a time frame. Get a calendar and show the number of days between now and the moving day. Consider giving them a short list of tasks to focus on before the move.


4. Take it step by step

Chances are, your autistic child will take some adjusting to a new place. Before moving day, take him or her to see the home. Simply ride or walk by the home to view it from the outside. Before moving day, go in for a short visit just to walk through it together. 


5. Take some pictures

Take a few pictures of the empty apartment or house. Show them to your child and talk about what the new living room, kitchen and bathroom will be like. Discuss what you’ll do with a bigger backyard or what it will be like being closer to the park. 


6. Help them pack

Packing up can be stressful for everyone in the family. Make sure you set aside enough time to help them pack their belongings so they can keep their stress level to a minimum during the moving process. If your child becomes tired or upset with packing, give them plenty of breaks to do something else.


7. Keep the consistency

Keep your child’s schedule as consistent as possible during the moving week. If they become stressed, let them know that all of their things will still be there, but in a different home. When you open their boxes, set up the new bedroom the same way their old bedroom was arranged before. 

Children with autism can feel upset when big changes occur in their lives. However, with the right amount of preparation and patience, it doesn’t have to be disruptive.


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