About Noah's Ark Moving

Noah's Ark Moving & Storage launched operations in 1982. Since then, we've built a reputation— through our friendly highly skilled movers— and our ability to seamlessly perform any residential or commercial move. We're a fully licensed and insured mover, and boast a phenomenal record of less than 1/20th of 1% damage ratio. Noah's Ark Moving & Storage has a full fleet of clean dependable trucks and manages three offices to absorb every facet of the move. We can accoutre our customers with state-of-the-art moving supplies and always offer the most competitive prices.

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Noah's Ark Moving & Storage has become Connecticut, New York City's company of choice for local, long distance moves, storage & packing. Book the best Movers!

"i would like to report that dror did an excellent job in his first project as foreman in my move today." - MIKE, NY


Noah's Ark Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company. We specialize in local moving, long distance moving, corporate moving, commercial moving, international moving and fine art moving. Noah's Ark Moving & Storage also offers expert (humidity controlled) piano moving, a number of relocation and storage services as well as last minute move options. We'll help you setup a detailed move plan, conduct an accurate inventory, and safely transport your possessions in the most dependable way— on-time arrivals and complete satisfaction guaranteed.

We provide our clients with more than the basics:

  • High-quality packing materials
  • Expert packing and unpacking labor
  • Humidity controlled trucks
  • Experienced fine art handlers
  • Expedited office partition installers
  • Non-stop support and superior services

As a fully licensed and insured company, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with unequalled support and services. For over 30 years we've taken the Tri-State area into our hearts, and moved our neighbors wherever life may take them, or return them home. To find out more about Noah's Ark Moving feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to hear from you.

  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "I would like to report that Dror did an excellent job in his first project as foreman in my move today."

    Mike, NY
  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "Wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your efforts and note that Miguel and his team were excellent during the move! Really professional and efficient."

    Eric, NY
  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "The moving service: Great service, excellent guys, hard workers, you guys are no#1. Thanks again"

    George-G, NY

"paul (paulo) and his crew were terrific, could recommend them highly enough. they all are great both professionally and personally, a real asset to your company. on my part, i will definitely recommend noah's ark moving to my friends …" - lauren ct

Our Mission and Core Values

Noah's Ark Moving & Storage strives to strengthen the relationship between movers and clients. Our mission is to continually improve every aspect of moving by way of growing absolute customer satisfaction. Embracing new technologies, improving pricing models and grooming the best moving professionals are just a few ways we propel our mission towards success. Our core values are simple We believe in listening to client needs, caring about our community, integrity, accountability, diligence, seeing a project through and providing our customers with an elite service at an honest price. We're building a strategic framework, to provide you with complete fulfillment 100% of the time.

What we do

As a full-service moving company, Noah's Ark Moving provides customers with experienced professionals— who've mapped the world, neighborhood by neighborhood, move by move. Our move experts collaborate with you on flexible move plans, and thrive on your articulated needs. Beyond equipping Noah's Ark Moving with new innovations and unequalled customer service, we write detailed inventories like love letters, pack and unpack each possession with motherly care, and work efficiently to garner our satisfaction from yours. Logistically, we'll take anything from point A to point B, or C. Whether your piano requires humidity controlled transport, your oil painting needs non-acidic paper like glassine, or the demand of an emergency move comes on short notice we'll provide the service. We carry bulky items; we do the long haul, short haul, international, commercial or corporate move. With modesty first, we have to admit, we do it all.

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