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Packing for a move is an in-depth process. Each item you move needs to be cared for in a particular way. For instance, oil paintings require special wax paper and humidity sensitive trucks, while cups and bowls, glasses and stemware need their own packing paper and proper handling. Well-designed move cartons, clean boxes and highly-trained workers are needed for every inch of every move. Noah's Ark Moving & Storage provides over 30 years of experience for just this purpose. We can pack anything supremely well. We're experts. We can offer advice and services to moving perishable and hazardous items, barbecue grills, heavy books and other awkward possessions. If you need packing paper, labels, packing tape, foam peanuts, clean move pads, no problem. Noah's Ark Moving & Storage has you covered and will provide the safest packed nest for all your possessions you transition and relocate.

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“The Noah's Ark Staff moved my furniture were very efficient and friendly!”

the moving service great service, excellent guys, hard workers, you guys are no#1. thanks again - GEORGE-G, NY

Packing Services:

  • Appropriately priced moving boxes and supplies
  • Clean and spotless moving trucks
  • New move pads and sufficient weatherproof wrap
  • Upfront pricing without hidden fees
  • Highly trained, professional and respectful movers
  • On-time deliveries/easy scheduling
  • A+ Accredited Business Since 2002
  • Licensed by US DOT, CT DOT, NYC DOT, AMSA, BAKER
  • Customer Satisfaction see our Testimonials
  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "I would like to report that Dror did an excellent job in his first project as foreman in my move today."

    Mike, NY
  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "Wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your efforts and note that Miguel and his team were excellent during the move! Really professional and efficient."

    Eric, NY
  • quoteWHAT OUR CLIENTS sayquote

    "The moving service: Great service, excellent guys, hard workers, you guys are no#1. Thanks again"

    George-G, NY

"the guys were very fast and clean, and were very professional. they did such a good job moving our things. thanks so much for all of your help. we will surely keep noah's ark moving in mind for future needs." - ALEXIS, NY

FREE Wardrobe Boxes (only for local moves)

Leave your wardrobe packing to us. Our packers will collect all your hanging items, neatly pack them in our wardrobe boxes and hang them in your new home.

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